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  • MASKS must be worn at all times
  • SOCIAL distancing must be maintained to the extent possible.
  • Cars MUST be parked every other parking spot.
  • The building will be closed for all activities. All training will be done outside.
  • There is no dog to dog interaction.
  • No guests/spectators for the classes.
  • Members are to crate out of their cars.
  • Members are to bring their own chairs and target plate.
  • ONE restroom will be opened, and so marked. Sanitizers will be available.  All touch surfaces must be sanitized by anyone using the rest room, including but not limited to door knobs, sink, faucets and toilet handles and light switches.   Be sure discarded items are completely in trash receptacle.  Signs with directions for sanitation process will be posted.
  • Each instructor will sanitize all touch surfaces in the Scholl Bldg before their class. Any TOUCH surfaces MUST be properly sanitized and all trash properly disposed of. First instructor of the day will prop the door to Scholl bldg. open in order to limit having to touch the handle by class participants.  Last instructor locks door.
  • Incoming class members may not enter the training area until previous class has exited. Instructor will signal when they are ready for class.
  • Agility – a maximum of 2 people setting bars per class. This duty rotates weekly.  Bars should be disinfected at the end of class as much as is practical.
  • Obedience/Rally equipment to be stored in Scholl bldg. Gloves must be worn to move equipment to class site.  Hand sanitizer is available to use before and after handling equipment and/or bring your own gloves.  All equipment to be sanitized at close of class and returned to bldg if not needed by next class.  Transporting equipment to be shared by class members.
  • Rally signs/cones will only be handled by instructor/assistant. If other equipment handled same rules re gloves must be followed
  • While classes are in sessions, open areas of the property are not to be used as exercising /play areas for dogs.
  • Stay home if you do not feel well or may have been exposed to COVID-19.

Submitted by Wendy Archinal, Mary Hussey, Jared Slingerland, Barbara Snyder  6/12/2020

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