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Updated 8/16

(Please note: this is for the Sept/Oct session only; we will revisit as weather and rules change!)

All current rules as to masks, social distancing, and sanitization will continue to be followed.

Current rules as to handling and sanitization of equipment will continue to be followed.

Upon arrival, instructor will open all windows, the door at the far end of the building, and the entrance door. The end door will have the screen covering the opening, and a section of ring gate may be placed across the door.

Instructors will, in addition to bathroom touch surfaces and the door to the Scholl Bldg, also sanitize the training building touch surfaces, including but not limited to, door knobs, storm door handles, light switches, window edges, ring gates, push bar on the blue door, any cabinet or bookcase doors that may be touched, etc.

Class members will bring their own chairs if one is desired.

Classes will be handled as follows:

Rally and Beginner Novice classes, where one dog at a time is working, will be limited to 6 participants, plus the instructor and assistant (if there is an assistant).

One dog will work in the ring, one dog/handler team will be “on deck” in the area near the silver shelves. The third dog/handler will wait in the breezeway.  All others will wait outside and may watch through the windows and doors which are open. When the first dog is done, that team will leave through the blue door, the next team will begin to work, another team will enter the “on deck” area, etc.

In classes where group heeling takes place, there will be no more than three teams working at a time. While the three teams are working on the floor, 1 of the remaining teams may wait in the area by the silver shelves, the other in the area of the filter furnace space, or both may wait outside. When the first group heeling is done, they exit through the blue door, the other group enters floor and first teams may reenter taking the spots mentioned above, spacing according to social distancing. 

Primary Classes will be limited to 5 participants. This is with the understanding that heeling exercises must be kept very short; no more than 5 steps at a time before a halt or direction change. Social distancing must be strictly followed.  Any moving exercises follow directives above.

All other classes will be limited to 5 participants. Above rules as to group heeling must be followed.  Room may be divided by ring gates if desired


Entrance thru breezeway door – Exit thru blue door

No one is to sit in entrance area, except as specified above (when there will be no traffic through the breezeway door).

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