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Refer to the calendar for date & time of classes.  Refer to “Signup & Registration” for additional information.

2024 July/August Session Training Schedule

Sign ups – June 23-26
Orientation – July 11, 6:30 PM
Classes begin w/o – July 14
Classes end w/o – August 18

Obedience & Rally Classes :

All classes MAX 8, unless otherwise noted


  • 5:30 Open – Mary H
  • 6:30 Primary – Susan B/Ann M
  • 7:30 Secondary – Ann M/Tracee K


  • 9:30 Advanced Utility (Max 5) – Judy S/Marge B
  • 11:00 Beginner Utility (Max 5) – Tami B


  • 9:30 Rally Adv/Ex (Max 6) – Nancy F/Janice L
  • 10:30 Beginner Open – Barbara S/Tami B
  • 5:30 Secondary – Mary H/Beth L
  • 6:30 Puppy Kindergarten – Karen T/Nikki M, Deb M
  • 7:30 Novice – Mary H/Deb M


  • 10:30 Novice – Judy S/Deb M
  • 11:30 Open – Barbara S
  • 5:30 Intermediate Nosework (Max 6) – Vickie S/Ashley M
  • 6:30 Beginner Nosework (Max 6) – Vickie S/Ashley M
  • 7:30 Rally Intro – Erin W/Ginny W


  • 9:00 – Secondary – Ashley M/Mary H
  • 10:00 Rally Adv/Ex (Max 6) – Ashley M/Mary H
  • 11:00 Rally Masters (Max 6) – Mary H

Signup & Registration

Notes, Details, and Information

  • A training team MUST successfully meet the requirements of a class before advancement into the next level. This applies to both Obedience and Rally classes.
  • The Intermediate Utility class is limited to those who have been enrolled in it in during the previous sessions.
  • Rally class handlers, plan to arrive a bit early to allow for walk thrus. If the class has begun when you arrive, you will miss a walk thru.
  • Puppy Kindergarten is for puppies who have not turned 5 months of age at the start of the class session.

How To Know What Class Your dog Is Eligible For

  • All dogs MUST complete a Primary class or have instructor permission to enroll in any class other than Primary.
  • Dogs who complete at least one 6-week session of Secondary may repeat Secondary and/or enroll in Rally intro/Novice, Intro/Novice Nosework, or Agility Foundations. (Agility Instructors will provide information regarding agility classes after Foundations.)

* Wednesday AM Rally.  WALK throughs at 9:15, RUN troughs begin 9:30.  If you miss the walk-through, you may be asked to use your first run as your walk through.

**Intro to Nosework  This class will cover the basic concepts in searching for odor, proper use of equipment, how to make and place hides, and how to make the search for scent extremely important to your dog.  We will be using birch, anise, and clove – not food – as the target odors so the dog has the foundation for AKC or CPE Nosework trials.  All equipment will be provided for use in class.  For those wishing to train at home, optional kits will be available for $5 (Instructor’s cost) at the first class.

Intermediate Nosework

This class will prepare the dog to compete in AKC Novice and CPE Level 1 and 2 trials by focusing on independent searches and drive to odor. Elements covered include Containers, interior searches, exterior searches, vehicle searches and multiple hides. Food and toy distractions will also be introduced. Dogs must have successfully completed Beginner Nosework or have instructor approval.

*Obedience Games 

This class is appropriate for any level, and its aim is to make obedience exercises more fun for dog and handler, while still teaching proper obedience behaviors.  Obedience Games increases the engagement between dog and handler, which reduces the need for correction while increasing opportunities to reward good behavior.
** Thursday morning Rally class  Walk throughs begin at 9:15, run throughs begin at 9:30.  Handlers arriving after class has started may, at the Instructor’s discretion, be asked to forfeit their walk through, or use their first run as their walk through.

***CGC and Trick Dog  

Both of these classes provide opportunity for earning an AKC title.  Participants will of course pay the class fee, and if the dog earns a title(s), the handler will be given paperwork which may be sent in to the AKC with the appropriate fee(s) to have the title(s) officially recorded.  You are not required to have any titles officially recorded.

Our CGC (Canine Good Citizen) class offers the basis level of CGC.

The Trick Dog class offers testing at Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Trick dog levels.  Many dogs are able to pass all three levels by the end of the mini session.  Each lever is a separate title, each of which requires a separate fee to the AKC, to be officially recorded.

If you have a mixed breed or unregistered dog, you may register it with the AKC under Canine Partners Program (Check AKC website,, for further information).

A training team MUST successfully meet the requirements of a class before advancement into the next level. This applies to both Obedience and Rally classes.

The Intermediate Utility class is limited to those who have been enrolled in it in during the previous sessions.

Rally class handlers, plan to arrive a bit early to allow for walk thrus. If the class has begun when you arrive, you will miss a walk thru.

Puppy Kindergarten is for puppies who have not turned 5 months of age at the start of the class session.

If your dog is ready to pass the CGC test without needing to take the class, we will be offering TESTING ONLY at a separate time.  Please contact Ashley McGowan at if you wish to be notified of the time and date of this test.

Class Descriptions


Open to any dog/handler team -games, drills, and exercises aimed at enhancing and solidifying basic skill such as focus/attention, impulse control, confidence building, heeling, stays, and recalls. Emphasis is on fun ways to achieve effective training and build stronger trust and communication between dog and handler.


Opportunity to earn the AKC Canine Good Citizen title. The requirements for passing the test are on the AKC web site. To have the title officially added to your dog’s name, he must be registered with the AKC (mixed breeds would be registered as a Canine Partner). If your dog is not already registered, he may still take the class and be tested, but there will not be an official record of the title until he is registered with the AKC. There is a fee to the AKC for the official CGC title certificate. Dogs in the class will be tested on the last night of class, or sooner if they are ready. Please check the list of requirements on the AKC web site before enrolling, as this is a short session without a lot of time to acquire new skills.


Opportunity for dogs to earn an AKC Trick Dog title. The requirements for each level of Trick Dog are available on the AKC web site. Handlers choose tricks from the AKC list, and Instructors will help you teach your dog to do them. The first three levels of Trick Dog titles will be available. There is a fee to the AKC for the official title certificate, and to have the title added to your dog’s name. Dogs must be registered with the AKC in order to have the title officially added to your dog’s name. Any dog may be registered with the AKC; mixed breeds are registered as a Canine Partner. Dogs do not have to be registered with the AKC in order to take the class.

Novice and Open run thrus

The time has been established for competitive novice and open run thrus including new requirements.  Those entered in the AKC trials in August, September and into fall as well as the club match will have an opportunity to practice.  These are not teaching classes, but time to become familiar with competitive routines.


The class is designed to promote socialization, to develop a well-mannered, confident, and happy puppy

The most critical socialization period extends from birth to about 16 weeks.  During this period this class will help your puppy develop future positive attitudes towards a variety of unfamiliar people and puppies, meet children, quick unpredictable movements and noises, get on exam tables and different surfaces.

This class will also cover basic obedience skills such as sit, down, come when called.

All of this is done in a fun way introducing positive reinforcement techniques with praise, treats and toys.


This class is for dogs new to training. They will learn where heel position is; to walk controllably on a leash; come when called, finish (return to heel position); stand for examination; sit and down stay. All work is done on leash. Handler and dog teams are in this class once and traditionally progress to Beginner Novice/Secondary class. Occasionally a team is proficient enough with class requirements to advance to Novice, which begins off leash work.


Secondary is a refresher of basic obedience skills for those handler/dogs who need additional help with basic requirements.  An instructor may choose to add some Beginner Novice items to their class.


Curriculum is more formalized work based on AKC routine for competition toward Companion Dog title (CD). Teams work on heeling patterns, both on and off leash; stand for exam, off leash recall and group stay exercises.


Curriculum works toward teaching the finished exercises begun in Graduate Novice which are required to complete the AKC routine for competition for Companion Dog Excellent title (CDX). All heeling is off leash; retrieving on the flat and over the high jump; completion of the broad jump; drop on recall; out of sight group exercises


Advanced skills taught based on AKC routine for competition toward Utility Dog (UD) title. Exacting work that incorporates signals for verbal cues, scent work and directed jumping.

Rally Novice

This class is for dogs that have taken a basic Obedience class such as Primary or Beginner Novice/Secondary and whose handlers have a basic understanding of exercises taught in those classes. The dogs should know how to heel, sit, down, come and stay. Rally is a team sport where the handler can communicate with the dog the entire time. The team learns to correctly perform Rally Novice exercises at ‘stations’ throughout a course marked with signs in cones. This course is intended to help prepare the team to compete in AKC Rally Novice competition for the Rally Novice title (RN).

Rally Advanced/Excellent

This class is for dogs that have been successful in Rally Novice. The dog and handler team will learn the AKC Advanced and Excellent signs and how to perform them properly. This course is meant to be done off-leash when competing, however may be done on leash while practicing. These courses may include one or two jumps. This class is intended to help prepare the dog and handler team to compete in AKC Rally Advanced (RA) and AKC Rally Excellent (RE) competitions.

Rally Master Class

This is a skills class to prepare a dog and handler to compete in AKC Master (RM) competition.  The class is designed to cover Rally Master Challenging signs.  The dog and handler will be required to have earned legs in Rally Excellent (RE) competition to participate in this class.

Beginner Novice

This four week mini session is available to participants and members who are interested to further strengthen basic obedience skills and for those interested in an introduction to obedience competition.

Dumbbell Skills & Heeling with Attention

This class is for those members in the current or previous Novice and Open classes who are interested in developing or improving the skills necessary for successful dumbbell retrieving.

Additional classes offered periodically

Young Dog

May be offered depending on the dogs in this age bracket desiring training.

Nose Fun

Teach your dogs to use their noses to scent out hidden treats in a myriad of objects placed around the training area.


Curriculum based on AKC Canine Good Citizen Test and includes elements required to be able to pass the Therapy Dog International qualifications. Testing will be done by a certified TDI evaluator. Additional fees will be charged to meet requirements of TDI testing.

Four Week MINI Sessions

Mini sessions support specialized areas of training – retrieving, jumping, really reliable recall, shaping behaviors and level run thrus for example. All will be described fully on each schedule to help you choose what you might be interested in signing up for. Dogs/handlers may not advance into or from a 4-week mini session. Mini sessions are designed to reinforce existing skills.

New Club members will only be accepted into puppy class or other introductory specialized classes as outlined by the instructor.

All introduction type classes, specialty or fun classes will follow guidelines set by the instructor.

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