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Refer to the calendar for date & time of classes.  Refer to “Signup & Registration” for additional information.

September/October Training Schedule

Orientation – Thursday – September 14
Sign ups – August 27-30
Classes begin w/o – September 17
Classes end w/o – October 22
Make ups (if needed) – w/o – October 29 & November 5


  • 5:00 – Beginners Agility and Advanced Beginners – Brenda B & Shanon W (6 dogs max)
  • 6:00 – **Intermediate & Advanced Handling – Judy Z (9 dogs max)
  • 7:30 – Agility Foundations with Courtney S & Judy K (6 dogs max)


  • 6:00 – **Novice Handling – Jared S & Laurie K (9 dogs max)

**Handling classes will be 90 minutes long this session.

Signup & Registration

Class Descriptions

Young Dog Run Thrus

Seeking additional time to practice the obstacles? Here’s an opportunity for your young dog. Different equipment will be set each week for isolated practice and short sequences. This class is appropriate for teams working at the beginners agility and advanced beginners levels.

Backyard Dogs Coursework

This class is full of short sequences to work on handling skills and will have an international flair. Anticipate lost of backsides. Teams must be at the Intermediate Handling level or higher to register.

Agility Foundations

This is the entry point for the agility program. Teams who enroll are required to have completed puppy or primary obedience at SDTC or elsewhere. This class is suitable for dogs 5-6 months old and up. In this class, you will build the underlying skills for agility success. Topics include focus, recalls, mat work, start line behaviors, turns on the flat, use of motion, motivation, and an introduction to obstacles. Lots of exercise and games you can use in all aspects of your dog’s life.

Beginners Agility

Teams must have completed Agility Foundations to enroll in this class. This course emphasizes team building skills and obstacle fundamentals including start line performance, building commitment to jumps and tunnels, contact criteria for dog walk and A-frame, and finding weave entrances.

Advanced Beginners

This is the next class after Beginners Agility. The emphasis of this class will be to fine tune the skills started in Beginners Agility. We will continue building commitment to obstacles. Obstacle performance grows to 6 independent weave poles, spread jumps are introduced, and contacts are raised to full height. Simple crosses and sequences may be included.

Novice Handling

Teams enrolling in this class must have passed Advanced Beginners. Dogs must be reliable off leash. This class focuses on jumping and handling skills. It will introduce basic turning cues including front, rear and blind crosses; handling skills for patterns such as pinwheels, 180 turns, 270 turns; forward and lateral sends. Obstacles such as contacts and 6 weave poles are included at the instructor’s discretion. This class is ideal for young teams competing in or ready to compete in Novice-Open AKC/Starters USDAA/Levels 1-3 CPE standard courses. This class can be taken multiple times. There is much to learn.

Intermediate Handling

Teams must have successfully completed the Novice Handling class in order to be considered for this class. Skills taught in this class include obstacle discrimination, contact proofing, course analysis, difficult weave pole performance including entries and exits, and distance on obstacle performance. More difficult handling patterns will be taught including serpentines, threadles, blended crosses, back of jump performance, crosses on the flat, and variants/combinations of these patterns which are found on Excellent AKC/Advanced-Masters USDAA/45C CPE/Beginner-Novice UKI standard courses.

Advanced Handling

Teams must have successfully completed the Intermediate Handling class to enroll in this class. International handling skills will be taught to navigate the courses and sequences presented in this class which are equivalent to Premiere AKC/Masters Challenge USDAA/Masters Series UKI. Individual team growth and development will be the focus of this class.

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