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Session 5: Mini Session 2020

Classes start Week of 11/8/20
End week 12/6/20

This is a 4 week session for members, new and current participants.  Refer to the calendar for date & time of classes.  Refer to “Signup & Registration” for additional information.  Orientation is a requirement for new participants.

Classes will be held inside.


  • 4:30 PM Backyard Dogs with Bev B  (max 6, 2 sections of 3)
  • 5:30 PM Skill Building with Donna M  (max 8, 2 sections of 4)
  • 6:30 PM Teeter Skills with Trisha S and Bob D  (max 8, 2 sections of 4)
  • 7:30 PM Adding Distance with Jared S  (max 6, 2 sections of 3)


  • 6:30 PM Crate Games with Judy Z and Judy K (max 4, 1 section)
  • 7:15 PM  Weave Skills with Judy Z and Judy K  (max 4, 1 section)
  • 8:00 PM Either/Or with Jared S  (max 6, 2 sections of 3)

Signup & Registration

Class Descriptions

Crate Games: Build your relationship with your dog, boost their confidence and self-control, and build speedy and reliable recalls. This class will incorporate “It’s Yer Choice” games and is open to teams of all levels.

Skill Building: Reinforce good jumping habits, contact criteria, tunnel commitment, 2×2 entrances and have some flatwork fun. This course is intended for teams who were previously enrolled in Beginners Agility.

Weave Skills: Does your dog know how to find an entrance? Need help regulating approach speed? Can he/she handle distractions while weaving? Here is your opportunity to build and proof their skills. This class is open to teams in Beginners Agility and above.

Teeter Skills: Whether starting the teeter from scratch, overcoming fears, or proofing performance, this class will help you take your dog’s teeter performance to the next level. This class is open to teams in Advanced Beginners and above.

Adding Distance: Would you like your dog to work more than you in the ring? If you answered yes, this class is for you! This class focuses on dog commitment to obstacles with the outcome of being able to send your dog out to individual obstacles like jumps and tunnels. Short sequences may be used. This class is open to teams in Advanced Beginners and above.

Backyard Dogs: Learn handling skills and challenge yourself to run clean on small space exercises. Teams should be in Novice Handling or above.

Either/Or: Test your dog’s understanding of your handling cues and work on precision. Some international handling will be included. This class is open to teams in Intermediate Handling and above.

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