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SESSION 4 : Summer

Classes Start week of 7/12/20
Classes End week of 8/16/20

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Class Descriptions

Description for Foundations 2

Building more depth upon the 1st Foundation skills in a game type style to start developing better communication & partnership.  We will begin to learn how our energy & body language effects our dogs & how to become more observant of both members of the team, so we can adjust our training.   Each week will introduce new training items to explore in a rotational style, so there is always something to experience, and we will have some chill areas also for reinforcing calmness, or breaks when needed.  We will have a course set up on the last class to have fun with and to see how we are all progressing.

Alphabet Drills

Alphabet Drills is based on the popular Clean Run series of articles; each week a new theme, based on a letter of the alphabet’s obstacle layout, is used to work on handling various types of sequences. Teams must be at Novice Handling level or above.

Crosses and More

Description: a drills class where people can learn/practice blind crosses, off-set serpentines, more difficult threaders, and turns on the flat. Some full courses may be included.

Criteria: for handlers with younger dogs who have completed Basic (Novice) handling. People at the intermediate level might want to sign up too to help branch into the advanced level.

Advanced Competition

Competing in Excellent AKC, Advanced/Masters USDAA, 45C CPE

Novice Competition

Competing in or ready to compete in Novice/Open AKC, Novice USDAA, 1/2/3 CPE

Agility Foundations

For young dogs coming out of puppy class and/ or primary obedience, starting at 5-6 mos. This course will introduce agility foundation work and concepts for agility. Topics to be covered will be focus, turns on the flat, start line behaviors, call to heel positions, motivation, contact criteria, use of food and toys as rewards, and an introduction to obstacles. Lots of exercise and games you can use in all aspects of your dog’s life.

Beginners Agility

This course emphasizes team building skills and agility fundamentals. We will focus on building confidence and having fun with your dog. Dogs are safely introduced to agility obstacles and handling on the flat. This class includes startline performance, send work, contact criteria, impulse control, and recall work.

Advanced Beginners

Teams must have completed a Beginners agility class with SDTC or elsewhere in order to enroll in this class. The emphasis of this class will be to fine tune the skills started in the Beginners Class. We will add upon our distance and recall work. Simple crosses and sequences will be introduced. Obstacle performance will be raised to full height.

Basic Handling Skills

This is the next class after Advanced Beginners. Dogs must be reliable off leash. This class will focus on jumping and handling skills. It will introduce basic turning cues; crossings such as front, rear and blind crosses; handling skills for patterns such as pinwheels, 180 turns, 270 turns; forward and lateral sends. Course analysis will be introduced. Contact obstacles may be excluded from this class at the discretion of the instructor. Teams must complete Advanced Beginners in order to enter this class.

Intermediate Handling Skills

Skills taught in this class will include obstacle discrimination, contact proofing, course analysis, difficult weave pole performance including entries and exits, and distance on obstacle performance. More difficult handling patters will be taught including serpentines, threadles, blended crosses, back of jump performance, crosses on the flat, and variants and combinations of these patterns. Teams must have completed the Basic Handling class in order to considered for this class.

Advanced Handling Skills

Teams should be successfully competing at a level equal to an Excellent/Masters/Level 5 Trial standard class(or have the skill needed to do so). Complicated, challenging courses and sequences will be worked in this class. International handling skills may be taught. Individual team growth and development will be the focus of this class. Teams must have completed the Intermediate Handling class in order to enter this class.

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