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Our building remodeling project is almost done! Now we need your help to get ready for the start of classes in September.

There are three ways you can help.

Sept 2, 2014. 6:30pm. Move the mats back to the building from upper Union Street in Schenectady and help load and unload them. The mats are 40×40 inches. A stack will fit in most Suv’s and mini vans with the back seats down.
The mats are light and easy to handle.

Sept 3, 2014. 10am and 6:30 pm. Lay mats in training building. Bring knee pads if desired.

Sept. 6. 9am. Install new ceiling tiles. Installers and helpers needed. Helpers will hand tile to installer. The tiles are very light. Bring a step stool to reach ceiling. It is only 8 feet high. Many hands make light work! The ceiling tiles are the biggest job and require the most workers. 16-20 people should be able to finish in 2-3 hours.


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