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Mouse bait boxes have been put out around the building and will remain in place for two weeks. Please keep your dogs away from the building during this time. The bait is in closed boxes and is not accessible to the dogs.

The building renovations are almost complete. We need volunteers to help transport and reinstall the floor mats and install new ceiling tile the week after Labor Day. Please donate two hours of your time to help finish these projects!

The floor mats will be moved during the day on Tuesday, September 2. We need two more drivers with large vehicles as well as a few more people to load and unload the mats. They are not heavy and are easy to handle.

The floor mats will be installed on Wednesday, September 3rd, during the day and in the evening if necessary. This job requires kneeling.

Ceiling tiles can be installed during the day or evening any day that week. We need sixteen people to help with this. Volunteers will work in teams of two. One person to put the tile into the grid and one person to hand the tile to the installer. Installers must stand on low stepstool or ladder and be able to lift about 5 pounds over head. The ceiling is only 8 feet high.

Thanks very much,
Marianne Szuberla
Building Director

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